New Year..New You..New Job...Drive the "Wienermobile" for a year

The DREAM JOB OF ALL DREAM JOBS!!! Just don't tell your parents!!!

January 7, 2020
New Job

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We all know that person that floods there social media at the end of every year with the dreaded saying NEW YEAR, NEW ME!!! And 364 days later they are the same moron doing the same idiotic stuff.  Fortunately, there is a select few that actually mean it and take measures to make changes over the year.  If NEW YEAR, NEW ME translates to changing your career path, well then here is some GREAT NEWS!!

Not to sound corny but that new career (could) has a first name…it’s O-S-C-A-R!!!!  Yep, Oscar Mayer is looking for a new "hotdogger" to tour the country this year in its iconic "Wienermobile" to promote the company.


The company is looking for someone who preferably has a degree in public relations, journalism, communications, advertising and/or marketing to act as a “traveling public relations firm" for Oscar Mayer.  Once selected, this person will take the Wienermobile to special events across the country and will coordinate all of the travel and event management.   Whoever the lucky person is that gets the gig will have this DREAM JOB for one year!

Hotdogger applications are officially open -- Click the link in our bio if you’re a recent college grad and seeing the country behind America’s favorite hot dog on wheels is your idea of a year well spent ------

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Not exactly sure how you break it to your friends and family, that you're in charge of driving a Wiener for a year without getting your ass beat or kicked out but it's a job and A DAMN GOOD ONE!!!!