New Jersey is considered the 'smartest' state in America....Not even kidding

This is so shocking!!..Ever been to the Jersey Shore?!?

November 22, 2019
New Jersey smartest state in america

Natali_Mis/Getty Images


Sometimes, you are going through life thinking you have seen or read it all and then BOOM....something stops you dead in your tracks.  Growing up in New Jersey all my life....and spending a lot of time at the Jersey Shore,  I find it hard to believe that NEW JERSEY could be ranked high in a list of the "SMARTEST STATES IN AMERICA!!"  If you are from Jersey, you most likely agree with what I just said because you have experienced otherwise!!!

I mean COME ON.....(this all happened in Jersey and still happens today!!)

After seeing that, this is going to be sooooooo shocking......THE GARDEN IS FILLED WITH BOOKWORMS....NEW JERSEY IS CONSIDERED THE "SMAREST" STATE IN AMERICA!!!!

This is not even FAKE NEWS because according to a NEW SURVEY that ranked the SMARTS of all 50 states,  NEW JERSEY came it at NUMBER 1 which was safely ahead of UTAH at NUMBER 2.  

If you thought NEW YORKERS were smarter,  the state was only ranked 32 with CONNECTICUT being NUMBER 26.   The rankings were based on the percentage of adults with college degrees and high school diplomas, along with the highest median SAT scores.

A word of advice.....if you want to have an intelligent conversation....STAY AWAY FROM IDAHO!!!!