Netflix is testing a new speed-binge feature

Oh it's like binge watching on steroids!!!

October 30, 2019

Rainer Puster/Getty Images


I'm not gonna lie here but I used to think that binge-watching any show on any platform, like NETFLIX, was for people that had nothing better to do. 

HERE IS MORE HONESTLY -- a few months ago I fell into the trap and found myself doing exactly that.....I caught one episode of THE WALKING DEAD and was hooked!  I literally binge-watched every single episode on NETFLIX from day one to catch up with the current season.  I WAS SERIOUSLY OBSESSED! And according to science...IM IN TROUBLE!!!

Leave it to NETFLIX to always have our well-being in their decision making process.  In a perfect world, you would be able binge-watch your favorite show but do it  faster....AS MUCH AS 50% FASTER.  A perfect binge-watching world has POSSIBLY become a reality.  Netflix has been quietly testing a 'SPEED-BINGE' feature to help you get through your favorite late night binge.....again 50% faster!!

Users of Netflix's mobile app spotted the new feature on the Android version of the app recently that allows users to speed up (or slow down) playback without muting the volume. This kind of feature is used with podcast and audiobook apps already helping listeners consume more content quickly.  

The filmmakers aren't happy about this feature and voiced their concerns on Twitter.  Netflix responded by saying -- the feature is only being tested and may never become permanent.  Currently, they have no plans to roll out any of these tests in the short term and the introduction of the feature for everyone,  depends on user feedback.  

I THINK IT'S GREAT!!!......watching a show faster allowing a person to leave their parents basement in search of HUMAN INTERACTON!.....REMEMBER WHEN THAT EXISTED!!!!! (probably not!!!)