The Most Googled Halloween Costumes Of 2019

PENNYWISE, can kiss my A$$!! YES....I'm SCARED!!!

October 15, 2019

vadimguzhva/Getty Images


Halloween is just weeks away and this year has been a little weird when it comes to 'holiday'.  The list of the worst candy for Halloween 2019 was a little shocking to say the least......with Candy Corn being the worst of the year!! 

And the costumes aren't far behind in the shock factor.  First, a 'sexy Mr. Rogers costume' was debuted with mixed rerviews.......

And more recently to dig at the criminals of the college admissions scandal, a 'sexy college admissions scandal costume' was released......

The above are only a few of the crazy ones for 2019  (i.e sexy beyond burger, sexy white claw can etc.) so the question is, if sexy is not your thing.....Have YOU figured out what you're going to be for Halloween yet?

Well, if you haven't then you may want to know what the most searched costumes are this year.  Hey, you never know - it may give you ideas or tell you what to steer away from but these are the most GOOGLED costumes so far in 2019. SOME MAY SURPRISE YOU!!!!

  1. PENNYWISE from the movie 'IT" (this one scares the HELL out of me)
  2. A WITCH (you can't go wrong with a classic!)
  3. SPIDER-MAN (movies killed it this year)
  4. A DINOSAUR (this one is for the kids, I hope!)
  5. Characters from The DESCENDANTS
  6. A CLOWN (I know a few in real life!!)
  7. FORTNITE (not shocked by this one AT ALL!)
  8. CHUCKY (from Child's Play, the movie)
  9. 1980'S (look in your parent's closet)


If anyone shows up at my house dressed like aren't getting one piece of anything but maybe a FIGHT!!  I am scared!!!!

I MEAN!!!!.......