Instagram is testing a new feature called 'Group Stories'

Oh good....cause we needed another reason to spend time on Social Media!!!

October 8, 2019

fizkes/Getty Images


The average person spends about 40 minutes per day checking Instagram and posts at least once a day.  There is no doubt that our lives have become consumed with social media as a way to keep up with what's happening amongst friends, celebrities and the world.

This is a reality for most.........

Recently, the social media platform has been in the news for some changes being made to make it a more pleasant, user-friendly online experience.  For example,  with the rise of cyberbullying, Instagram has released a new in-app feature that is allowing users to block interaction with online bullies.......

AND....CHRISTINE just posted that Instagram is doing away with the following tab because users aren't really using it.....

Instagram is in the news,yet again, with a new feature, because you know, we all needed another reason to spend MORE TIME on social media.  If you're addicted to Instagram stories you should know you might soon be able to post them with your friends.  

They are testing a feature called Group Story. Users will be able to share content to a Group Story, and from there they can choose to send it to close friends or a Group.  Facebook tried out a similar feature but shut it down last month. Instagram is more story-driven than Facebook, so it seems they think Group Story might work better there.  

DAMN.....Just another thing to complicate our lives!!!!  YOU KNOW WHAT FEATURE I MISS.......THE FLIP PHONE!!!!

(all of the above features are better than ANY group story!!!)