A new "WTH" dating trend to look out for.....Ghostlighting

WTH!!!! At this point...it's safer for your sanity to stay single!!

November 18, 2019

Alexander Medvedev/Getty Images


I've said it before and I'll say it every time.....if you are single on the dating scene, it is more like a battlefield these days than an actual place to find your soul mate!  Sifting through the various dating sites to see which is the best or even trying to figure out if the person you are communicating with is even REAL.....it really is more work than anything!!  

Not only are there so many sites.....BUT NOW.....the on-slaught of dating trends that mess with your emotional well-being has become the very thing that makes you want to give up your search for love.   

From 'SLOW-DATING'......


WHO CAN KEEP UP?!?! And let's be honest.....who would want to??  Especially since we are throwing another trend in the mix......It's called GHOSTLIGHTING!!!!!  Geeze, that doesn't even sound attractive!!!

It's actually a combination of two dating terms you're likely familiar with: GHOSTING and GASLIGHTING. Ghosting is when someone you're talking to suddenly just stops talking to you without an explanation, and gaslighting is a very real form of emotional abuse.   

BEWARE OF THIS PERSON........A person who ghostlights you will either cut of all communication, or change up their usual ways of communicating so much that the shift is obvious, but when you confront them about it they try to make you doubt your reality, WTHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

This is crazy.....WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!?!?

HERE'S SOME ADVICE........I think at this point....STAY SINGLE and GET A DOG!!!  SERIOUSLY!!!!