Oh Good, Someone Decided To Make The Mustard Ice Cream Literally Nobody Asked For!!

Happy National Mustard Day

August 1, 2019
Man pouring out mustard

shironosov/Getty Images


It looks like there may have been some people out there that thought to themselves, “But why don’t we have mustard ice cream?”

Now a normal person would respond thusly....

If you happened to be one of those twisted souls, I have some good news.

To celebrate National Mustard Day (which is on Saturday), French’s teamed up with L.A.-based Coolhaus Ice Cream to create Mustard Ice Cream. Yep, the limited-edition ice cream, which comes with a pretzel cookie, is made with French’s yellow mustard. And the color of the ice cream is definitely mustard yellow. Reactions have ranged from complete disgust to being pleasantly surprised. If you want to try it for yourself, find special French’s ice cream trucks in New York City and the Hamptons, starting today!!