Another trend in on-line dating....'Dogfishing'

This is so low.....but makes so much sense!!

October 24, 2019
 YakobchukOlena/Getty Images

We all know that the on-line dating scene is like a battlefield.....not to mention there are so many sites to choose from these days.  Along with a plethora of sites, there are also so many new dating trends, who the hell can even keep up.........

From "Slow-dating"..........

..........To "Soft-Ghosting" 

Seriously....who the hell can keep up and let's be honest who would even want to?!  Unfortunately, the trends will keep on coming and not to sound harsh -- you either play the game or step off the field!!!!

And just like that, another TREND has become part of the dating world!!  You heard of Catfishing? It's been a part of dating world both on-line and in "real-life" for so many years,  I feel like its the OG of trends for those looking for love. 

Catfishing is defined as when someone pretends to be someone else online. This person completely assumes a fake identity and goes the extra mile to make their victim believe that they are exactly who they say they are. (I'm sorry if she tells you she is Katy Perry and wants to date you....YOU ARE GETTING CATFISHED!!!)

HERE IS THE NEW TREND and for an animal lover, this might be the worst trend of them all!!!! Heard of DOGFISHING!!!!!

The premise is simple. Dogfishing refers to a situation when someone posts pictures of themselves with a cute dog on their dating profile, which lures potential matches to strike up a conversation with that person, only to find out the dog isn’t actually theirs.

Wait let me get this straight..... people are borrowing dogs so they seem more attractive online?? – and then dropping the bombshell that they don’t actually own the dog once they get to know you??

Call me a A-hole.....but this doesn't sound bad at all!!  In fact, I have a puppy for rent as we speak!!! CALL ME!!