Nothing says ‘Happy Holidays’ like a pickle flavored…Candy Cane? They're back

YUM....said no one EVER!!

December 17, 2019
Dill Pickle

jmbatt/Getty Images


If you are one of those people that truly love to try new food items ...YOU ARE IN LUCK!!!!  More specifically...if you enjoy candy canes and dill pickles....the holidays just got that much better for you.  A few years ago a company put out a Dill Pickle flavored Candy Canes that people were sure wouldn't sell because it was being called a NOVELTY.  NOVELTY SMOVELTY!!!...They were a success and sold rightfully so....THEY ARE BACK THIS YEAR!!!!!

People are soooooo crazy because every year this disgusting treat (if you can call it that) has people losing their minds as they stock up before they sell out. The briny (disgusting sounding) treat has returned, but act fast as they are on there way to being sold out quickly just as in past years. 

Just the thought of it makes me gag like a child getting a strep test at the can't taste good!!! OR CAN IT?!?  What's crazy to me is that along with the PICKLE FLAVORED treat, there are others....LIKE MEAT AND POTATOES, ROTISSERIE CHICKEN and BACON?!?!? WTH?!?

As you might have suspected, here are some horrible reactions to these HORRIBLE creations........

CALL ME SIMPLE....but I think a CANDY CANE should taste like A DAMN CANDY CANE!!!  Not chicken or bacon or a DILL PICKLE!!!

I AM STILL BUYING THEM THOUGH.......the main reason is so I can put them on my Christmas tree and watch unsuspecting children take their first bite into disappointment.  I'M GOING TO HELL!!