Dating in 2020....A new trend to watch out for is "Cause-playing"

At this point....GET A PUPPY! You will be happier!!

December 29, 2019

fizkes/Getty Images


I have said it before and I will say it EVERY SINGLE TIME.....the dating scene SUCKS!!!  There is NO SHORTAGE of dating trends to watch out for if you are looking for love. 

In recent months we've been introduced to things like 'DOGFISHING'.......


and 'GHOST-LIGHTING' to mention a few.....

BUT...just because we are coming to the END OF A DECADE...doesn't mean the trends will stop and dating gets easier...IN FACT, THEY WILL GET WORSE!! Bizarre new dating trends show no sign of stopping in the new year. SO WHAT DO YOU NEED TO LOOK OUT FOR??

There's a new dating-trend people are using now: "CAUSE-PLAYING" and it was named one of the top dating trends to look out for in 2020 by Plenty of Fish.

"Cause-playing" basically means when someone who ghosted you, or any ex of yours, asks you for a favor. This can be anything from requesting you donate to their Facebook charity fundraiser, or an invitation to a show they are hosting because they need people in the seats, for example!!

PEOPLE SUCK but there could be a silver lining in this whole thing!!!  If you are in a ROMANTIC DRY SPELL, set up an arrangement where they "PAY" you back.....if you know what I'm saying!!  For the slow do what they ask in return for favors in the bedroom!!! QUID PRO QUO!!!!!!