Bring on the 'Adult' Advent Calendar filled with.......BEER

And Just like that....I'm looking forward to the holidays!!!

October 2, 2019

Jupiterimages/Getty Images


First I want to say that......THE HOLIDAYS JUST GOT BETTER because THIS......IS......AMAZING!!

Even though we’re not at Halloween yet, is it too early to talk about the "C" word? - I'm talking about CHRISTMAS!  I say, it's never too early since Santa is coming in less than 85 DAYS (countdown clock here)What I'm about to tell you, might ease some of the anxiety that comes along with the craziness of Christmas.

When you were a kid, most of you had an ADVENT CALENDAR filled with chocolate which is: a special calendar used to count the days, in anticipation of Christmas. (usually starting at december 1st to december 24th)  


The calendar comes with 24 pieces of chocolate and as an ADULT, who the hell only wants to eat ONE piece a day....NO you want to eat it all AT ONE SITTING, if you can even figure out how it works!!!

Here comes the amazing....LEAVE THE CHOCOLATE TO THE KIDS and HAND OVER THE BEER!!! (because lets be honest, we need alcohol not sugar, to get us through the holidays!)

Costco is keeping your inner childhood Christmas spirit alive......KIND OF!! They are selling an 'ADULT' version of your childhood favorite, offering an Advent Calendar with 24 cans of beer behind each door.....AMAZING!!!!!

It's basically one of those childish calendars rebooted for us, ADULTS because behind each of the 24 doors is a can of German beer.  For most people I know, the struggle of having ONE A DAY will still exist but it's beer....WHO CARES?!?!?

Did I mention...THIS IS AMAZING and HAPPY HOLIDAYS, indeed