Dream Job Alert: Get paid big bucks to smoke the good stuff

Hey....nothing wrong with a second job....it's the holidays!!

November 22, 2019
man Smoking

MaxRiesgo/Getty Images


The holidays are almost here and money will be spent that you probably DON'T HAVE!  The average person will spend almost $1000 this holiday season alone on gifts, parties etc.  If getting a second job is on your radar, you might be dreading having to put in those extra hours during a season when drinking and partying should be your priority!!  Unless its considered a DREAM JOB!! 

First thing is to define what a DREAM JOB is....I am sure it has a different definition for everyone but I think the common denominator would be...GET PAID TO DO SOMETHING THAT YOU ABSOLUTELY LOVE, TO SUPPORT THE LIFESTYLE YOU CHOOSE TO LIVE!!! 

Now, I can't speak for everyone but I think I might have stumbled across what could be the DREAM JOB OF A LIFETIME!!!!  There is a company that is paying someone BIG BUCKS to do what they probably do on a regular basis anyway....SMOKE WEED!!!! .....AMAZING RIGHT?!?! It's what they are calling a CANNABIS DREAM JOB!!!

If you have ever dreamed of getting paid to sit at home and smoke marijuana, you live in the right place because a New-York based company has the perfect job for you.  

American Marijuana is looking to hire somebody to test marijuana products and then write detailed reviews about how they work. In addition to receiving free marijuana products, which will include various strains of weed, vapes, edibles, and CBD oils, the company will also pay you $3,000 per month.  For all you math geniuses...THAT'S $36,000 A YEAR!!! The right person must live in a state where medical marijuana is legal, have detailed knowledge about marijuana and will need to name at least six different slang terms for marijuana. (EASY!!!!!)

AMAZING, INDEED!!!!! Getting paid to do something you used to skip school to do?!?.......YES DREAM JOB!!!!  CLICK HERE to apply!!!!