Addicted to Junk food? Blame your nose and sleep habits

Junk food is soooo good though!!!

October 10, 2019

LightFieldStudios/Getty Images


We all know that one person that is literally addicted to JUNK FOOD.  They eat junk for breakfast, lunch and dinner.....and constantly in between those meals.  JUNK JUNK JUNK!!!

Living in the city that never sleeps makes it so easy to get any kinda food, at any time of day!  Want chinese?...head over to WO HOP, which is literally open 24 hours ...want a dirty water dog?....any street corner in Manhattan will do!  The point is, you crave junk food because getting it is easy!  But could there be more to it?  WELL........YES THERE IS!!!!

Let's be honest, living in the greatest city in the world........tends to make us tired due to constantly being on the move.  SOOOOO......If you crave pizza or doughnuts when you're tired your sense of smell could be to blame.

I'm no scientist, in fact I failed chemistry 3 times in college, but there is a science behind your cravings and addiction to junk food.  HERE IT IS.........sleep-deprivation heightens your sense of smell, and the information is not correctly relayed to the brain, which causes you to seek out junk food in order to feel satisfied.


SUCH A GREAT EXCUSE.... could it be that.......FREAKIN' PIZZA, DOUGHNUTS AND COOKIES......taste wayyyyyyy better than KALE!