Best U.S. Cities for Vegetarians & Vegans in 2019

Ready for that PLANT LIFE!!!

September 30, 2019

RossHelen/Getty Images


So, you might have heard of “Veganuary,” or you might not have. It kind of goes hand-in-hand with dry January - a lot of people think of the entire month as one big detox. Not drinking and eating more plant-based foods definitely go along with that. 

This past Veganuary saw some record-breaking numbers: almost 300k people pledged to go vegan/vegitarian and live a healthier life.  Whether the reason for going to a plant-based diet is health or ethical (saving animals), it is FREAKING DIFFICULT especially if you grew up on eating meat! (trust me, I know first hand I am attempting the plant-based lifestyle....NOT EASY!!)

The one thing that makes the transition easier is having options and NEW YORK CITY made another list!   There is a list out ranking cities for there plant based friendly options and we (NYC) are among the best places in the U.S. for a vegan to get their veggie on.  In fact, we were in the top 10, ranking #7 in a list of 100 cities.

The cities were rated based on the cost of groceries for vegetarians, salad shops per capita and percentage of restaurants serving meatless options.  In case you were wondering, PORTLAND, OR is #1 and if you are looking to try a "Veganuary" to start 2020......stay the hell out of EL PASO, TX! (they came in dead last!)