The yearly cost of replacing items lost while you are drunk....NYC is at the top of the list

Let's call it a DRUNK TAX!!

October 25, 2019

g-stockstudio/ Getty Images


If you are in the prime of your life, going out for a drunken debauchery is something that happens more often than not. 

We've all been there.......maybe? head out with your friends for a night on the town, hopping from bar to bar and at some point of the night, it all becomes a blur.  You wake up, hopefully in your own bed or maybe in someone else's (if you are lucky)...,the first thing you do is reach for your phone and's not there!!!  Maybe you look for your ID and lost that too!  

A night on the town can be expensive -- especially if it involves replacing a lost phone, waiting hours in line at the DMV or buying a new wallet the next day.  The amount of money spent yearly on replacing personal items lost when drunk is CRAZY.  A new survey found that the average American spends $192.55 per year replacing items that got lost while they were drunk.  

Geeze, in the tri-state area, going out for a night on the town requires a second job!!  Here is the break down:

  • NEW YORKERS spend $214.29 per year replacing valuables lost from being drunk
  • If you are from JERSEY, you handle your alcohol a little better,  you only spend $170.59 a year
  • TAKE MY ADVICE ON THIS, if you have friends in CONNECTICUT that want to hang it at a house party because you are gauranteed to lose something if you go out - they spend $241.94 per year replacing lost items.

And not that you need another reason.......STAY THE HELL OUT OF NORTH they lead the country by losing an average of $380 worth of stuff each year.