Your Smart TV might be spying on FBI warnings

Another reason to NEVER walk around your house naked!!! WTH

December 4, 2019
Smart Tv

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We've all experienced situations where you feel like you are being watching or monitored even at your OWN HOUSE!!  You know what I are having a random conversation with someone about some RANDOM thing or product.....a few minutes are scrolling through you social media and to your surprise see an advertisement for the EXACT product!  I don't know about you but I feel violated when this happens....OK NOT REALLY!!!!  But its creepy!  If you don't believe it, it has been proven by many and maybe you should do your OWN will be shocked!!!

With technology as of late, we all know that it doesn't just stop with your phone.  I might be late to the party because apparently this has been happening for a LONG time....YOUR SMART TV CAN GET HACKED!!!!! And it's ALOT easier now more than ever!!!!

PRIVACY?!?!  What is that?!?  If you bought a new smart TV on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, be careful … The FBI actually issued an official warning to let consumers know that hackers have gotten really good at getting into WiFi systems and using cameras on the TVs to watch and listen to you. GEEZE!!!! 

Just get out of the shower....standing there in your birthday suit...checking out the ending of Family Fued and someone is actually watching your every move!!! CRAZYYYY!!!

If you now have anxiety about standing in front of the TV.....the experts are saying you can do little things to prevent this breach of privacy....this might help!!


ORRRRR.....I have a better your money and BUY A TV WITHOUT A MICROPHONE AND CAMERA!!  It's a TV why do you need those things, ANYWAY?!?