The 10 Best Cities For People Addicted To Coffee...New York made the list

Of course we did Jersey City!

September 24, 2019

JANIFEST/Getty Images


Without coffee first thing in the morning, the streets of New York City might look like a zombie apocalypse.  It has become the GO TO drink of choice first thing in the morning and let's be honest, without it you might have the productivity of a snail!  A few weeks ago, I posted that the way you take your coffee isn't just based off of taste but also has something to do about your personality.

If you’re anything like millions of people around the world, you binge on a cup of coffee 10 times a day and are being labeled a COFFEE ADDICT!  In this case, amongst many others reason, NYC is the perfect place to live if your sweat smells like coffee because YES WE MADE ANOTHER LIST! 

This one is for the BEST COFFEE CITIES IN AMERICA and rightfully so, the concrete jungle (NYC) is number 2 on the list, right behind the birthplace of Starbucks, Seattle, coming it at number 1. Just in case you were wondering, Jersey City is ranked number 23.

Being that we are the BEST CITY IN THE WORLD, New York CIty has the most coffee shops, coffee houses and cafe's per square foot, exceeding any other city on the list.   Oh by the way, if you are looking for a good cup of joe, STAY THE HELL OUT OF TOLEDO, OHIO!! (last on the list)

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