Night Moves

Night Moves (Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)

Flavor of the Day: Indie Rock

July 19, 2019

By: Miranda Roberts

The forecast for this weekend is looking hot and humid, so why not chill out with some ice cream and indie rock? As summer will be around for awhile, here are some cool songs for when the heat is simply too much to bear.

Tuesday / Toughies

Five-piece rock band Toughies from Lawrence, KS and their 2016 EP, Sweet Dream, couldn’t be more perfect for this theme. The album art is simple: essentially a single ice cream cone on a green screen. This album is simple summer indie-rock that can be spun over and over again. Track two of four sings, “thought you was a sweet thing / chocolate-covered ice cream” in the way only pop rock can pull off. Find some shade and enjoy “Tuesday” on bandcamp or watch a live performance below!

Away frm U / Oberhofer

Oberhofer is a Brooklyn band bringing us surf-rock right when we need it. Feeling like you just want to get out of this hot mess? Feel like there’s nothing you can do? Brad Oberhofer’s lyrics are perfect for you.

Recollections / Night Moves

This single from 'Can You Really Find Me', out June 28th was recorded in the freezing Minnesota winter. This should help bring some relief to the scorching sun. If not, at least you have some good cosmic-country tunes.

Super America / Bad Bad Hats

Keeping up with the geographical theme, this Minneapolis band is taking us on a trip to a gas station to cool down. That’s right, Super America is the name of a Minnesota-based gas station. While singer, Kerry Alexander, isn’t singing directly about ice cream, a slurpee or a sweet tea combined with some AC (however brief) sounds pretty good on a hot day. 

Paying Off the Happiness / Illuminati Hotties

The idea of gas stations is a perfect transition to this next artist. In Illuminati Hotties’ song, “Shape of My Hands,” Sarah Tudzin sings of blowing her savings at the local 7/11. However, that song is a bit too subdued for a hot day, so consider opting for the thumping drum beats on “Paying Off the Happiness.”

Happy Unhappy / The Beths

The lyric “Broke every window pane / So I can feel the cold rain” isn’t contextually about the weather, but on a hot day, this is adaptable. New Zealand four-piece, The Beths, bring guitar pop with a punch. The hooks on this track are so catchy, you’ll have no choice but to ignore the heat.

Bruise / Yumi Zouma

Another New Zealand band understands what this weather feels like — “you're feeling stranded in the sun.” This dream pop single mentions the need for a nap and after a long day in the sun, I think we all will understand that lyric. So end with this track as you make your way back indoors for a summer slumber.