TGI Fridays UK Has a Watermelon Steak


January 14, 2020

What in the World Wide Web?!? TGI Fridays in the UK is serving up a watermelon steak with the price tag of $17.00! I’m so confused behind this whole concept of grilling watermelon and calling it steak. BUT, apparently, enough people like it as a vegan alternative.

Our brand new Vegan Watermelon Steak is available from 6th January! Tag a mate who should try it -- -- #tgifridays #veganuary #vegan #veganfood #watermelon

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How many watermelon steaks would it take to get full though?

VOLUME UP ---- Don’t let your eyes deceive you, this isn’t a steak! IT’S A WATERMELON ----// This WATERMELON is smoked & cured for a few days over oak wood, just like a ham! Listen closely for that cracking sizzle and watch as this entire fruit is sliced tableside, only to reveal a juicy, bright pink interior, oozing with flavorful juices, and of course seeds -- // -- @duckseatery #foodbeast FOODBEAST

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