Popeye's Managers Are FED UP!!

But that chicken sandwich though.

August 26, 2019

I think it's safe to say at some point in the past two weeks you've heard about the new Chicken sandwich at Popeye's... 

I mean people are waiting in hour lines for this thing. There's been countless of reviews done about the sandwich and many debating if its better than Chick-fil-A.  But not everyone is happy about this sandwich phenomenon. The employees at Popeye's are getting bombarded and PISSED.  Naturally, with the influx of purchases, they're running out of product and with that come angry customers. Not to mention there have been wrecks, accidents in the drive-through line causing even more delays.

It like someones found the fountain of youth and people are flocking too it.  Just check out some of these memes.