The Biggest Red Flags In Relationships Are...

Spot on!

July 31, 2019

Relationships, like milk, can go sour really quick. Especially when the other member of the relationship is doing things you can't stand. 

Let's face it, no one has a fairy tale relationship and if they do, then we hate them. The person you're with will inevitably get on your nerves at some point, but when is enough, enough? How many nerves is too many nerves and what things bother you the most? Well, apparently there's a list for that thanks to the New York Post

"The people" said...

1.  Drinking too much, 64%

2.  Bad manners, 56%

3.  A dirty living space, 53%

4.  Credit card debt, 50%

5.  Always using their phone, even during a date, 46%

6.  Being argumentative, 46%

7.  Being cheap, 46%

8.  Bad fashion sense, 46%

9.  Never introducing the person they're dating to friends or family, 45%

10.  Your values don't align, 44%