10 Reasons We're Looking Forward To FALL!!

You ready??

August 23, 2019

Another day, another survey

This time there was a survey done to see why people LOVE Fall. 

I feel like summer just started though, and if its fall that means WINTER is COMING!!! And no one has got time for that. 

Oh well, here's what the survey says...

1.  The change in the weather, 44%

2.  Football coming back, 37%

3.  Pumpkin spice foods and drinks, 37%

4.  The leaves changing colors, 35%

5.  Lower electric bills, 29%

6.  Going apple picking, 23%

7.  Drinking warm drinks, 22%

8.  Lots of TV shows coming back, 20%

9.  Thanksgiving, 20%

10.  Wearing sweaters and baggier clothes, 19%

You digging this, or burying it?