Photo: Danny Clinch

Chvrches' Lauren Mayberry on #MeToo: It Has to be More Than Lip Service

March 1, 2018

By Hayden Wright

Since October 2017, the fall of high-profile men accused of workplace sexual harassment and abuse has propelled the #MeToo movement into every area of the cultural conversation. Chvrches singer Lauren Mayberry spoke to Pitchfork about her thoughts on this political moment—including where she sees cause hope and potential for trouble.

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“It’s great that people are speaking up, but I want to see what happens in the next couple of years – if people actually put their money where their mouth is,” she said. “So many people are being fully genuine about it, but there are some people who are definitely using it as a way of finding some kind of branding niche and that’s kind of f----- up.”

"We have to hope that symbolic gestures like wearing white roses on red carpets will translate into actual action," she continued. "Will the Grammys actually look around the room, at the people and companies they represent and how they treat people? I don’t know. It has to be more than lip service. Otherwise, we’re just going to end up in the same situation."

The band is prepping for the release of their new studio album Love is Dead, which will be released on May 25.