You've Never Heard Blur's "Song 2" Like This

January 23, 2019
Floppy Disks

© Jiri Vaclavek |


"Song 2" is just one of those songs that instantly boosts your energy level: stadiums and arenas all over the world agree! (Fun fact: at least one member of Blur was hungover while creating it.)

More than 20 years later, musicians are still finding ways to recreate it, and this has GOT to be the most unique so far. The Floppotron is basically an entire orchestra made up of obselete computer equipment. Paweł Zadrożniak, the engineer who created the Floppotron, has used it to make some true musical this.

Glorious. Here's a playlist with almost 100 other Floppotron covers, including a ton of ALT songs AND the Game of Thrones theme. Enjoy!