Is Your Dog Really Smiling at You?

May 22, 2019
Smiling Dog

Photo via iStock / Getty Images Plus


Full disclosure: I'm a cat lady. But I know and love a lot of dogs! So I was curious about this new research exploring whether or not dogs are consciously smiling at us. For starters, we know that dogs use eye contact to communicate: locking eyes releases a feel-good hormone connected to bonding for both pooches and people. That discovery led to more questions about dogs' expressions - like puppy dog eyes - and whether or not they're making those expressions on purpose.

And what they found... is that we may never really know. A lot of the tools used to interpret facial expressions are subjective, and humans have a tendency to project emotions onto our beloved pets - even if those humans are scientists. But there's a lot of evidence that your dog understands you and YOUR smile and that's heartwarming! Read more about the research here.