You'll Never Guess Who Dan Smith of Bastille Originally Wrote "Happier" For

April 30, 2019
Dan Smith from Bastille

Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images


This morning I read a BBC interview with Dan Smith from Bastille: it was mostly about his preparation for the London Marathon (which he ran for breast cancer research, because he is a Good Guy). And suddenly there it was, a fun fact buried near the end of the transcript. Dan revealed that he had ACTUALLY written "Happier," Bastille's smash collaboration with Marshmello...

...for Justin Bieber. Whaaaaaaat? Dan said that after he wrote it, his team convinced him he should hang onto it - that sure worked out! "Happier" has been around since last summer, but I don't think the Justin Bieber connection is common knowledge. I could be wrong though. And if so... is it too late now to say Sorry? Read the whole article here: it's got some info about the next Bastille album Doom Days too.