You'll Be Able to Try Disney's Streaming Service For Free

October 7, 2019

Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Disney+


Well this is nice. When Disney+ launches next month, you'll get a full week of it FREE when you first sign up. I mean, this isn't just out of the kindness of the Mouse's heart: Disney is already showing that it's going to battle Netflix for streaming supremacy with everything it's got. A free week is a time-tested way to lure in new customers. And in places like The Netherlands where Disney+ is already offering a free trial, users are definitely enjoying it - and helping Disney address early issues so they'll come out swinging in the States. 

Pretty sure it'll be impossible to binge watch everything available on day one of Disney + in a week. But you can try! Here's the link to pre-order: it launches on 11/12.