Would You Make the Cut at NYC's Most Exclusive Gym?

August 14, 2018

© Vadimgozhda | Dreamstime.com


There's an exclusive new gym near Union Square charging $900 a month, catering to both active celebrities looking for privacy and regular people who have "fitness-driven lifestyles" - and $900 a month to spend. Look, the perks at Performix House sound nice - like a nutrient-filled slushie machine! It's just that a lot of us don't spend $900 to work out IN A YEAR.

Also, some people get embarrassingly red and sweaty when we work out and wouldn't want to do that near famous people regardless of membership cost. It me. Odds are I wouldn't be admitted anyway. Performix screens applicants' Instagram feeds to ensure that they're all about that fitness life and not, say, cats and dessert. 

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