Woody Harrelson Could Have Been Jerry Maguire

August 7, 2019
Woody Harrelson

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images


Can you imagine anyone other than Tom Cruise starring in Jerry Maguire? Who else could shout "SHOW ME THE MONEY" or whisper "you complete me" in such a memorable way? What about... Woody Harrelson?

Sounds like that's an alternate reality that could have been... except back in the 90s Woody turned down the role, telling his agent he didn't think anyone would care about a sports agent. (He said it a little more colorfully that that.)

It's a little weird to think about, honestly. Also weird: flipping the script and imagining Tom Cruise saying ANY of Woody's lines in Zombieland, or convincingly obsessing over Twinkies. What a film - and apparently ANOTHER movie Woody Harrelson didn't do! Until he read the script and realized it wasn't just a schlocky horror movie, that is. Lots of great info in this Esquire interview - along with a somewhat terrifying walk through Manhattan to get vegan food. Enjoy!

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