Winter Is Coming; Game of Thrones MetroCards, Not So Much

November 28, 2018

© Dan MacMedan-USA TODAY


Like the Seven Kingdoms themselves, the amount of Game of Thrones merchandise is vast. You can walk like a Targaryen.  You can drink (and know things) like Tyrion Lannister.  And as of this week, you were supposed to be able to ride the subway as confidently as if you were riding a dragon... but alas, not yet. 

Newsweek reported that 250,000 Game of Thrones-themed MetroCards should have been available at Grand Central Station this week. When Newsweek tried to follow up via Twitter, the MTA said that the plan had been delayed indefinitely.  In other words... a girl has no MetroCard. 

Oh well - we'll find a way to keep moving forward, just like a White Walker hit with a non-dragonglass weapon. There's plenty of other ways to entertain ourselves until the premiere of the final season of Game of Thrones in April... like the theme song sung by cats!