What NOT To Do Off Of a Hotel Balcony: Alt-J Weighs In...

June 25, 2018

By Lauren Marques/Joe Cingrana

Joe Newman and Gus Unger-Hamilton of alt-J stopped by ALT 92.3 on the eve of their groundbreaking Forest Hills Stadium show on June 15th for an interview and intimate #ALTassembly fan performance. The Indie rockers gave our listeners a taste of what to expect from the upcoming show which featured 26 speakers to completely immerse the audience in their sonic landscape. "New York is the best, isn't it?... We wanted to come back with a bit of a bang, hopefully," Gus exclaimed after being questioned about New York being the site of their first experimental show. 

Although they were gearing up for a larger than life stadium show, the duo still made their performance at ALT 92.3 something to remember. They started with "Tessellate," a single released in 2012 which left our audience erupting in applause and "excellent whistles" according to Gus. They followed up with "3WW" ("3 Worn Words"), a heartfelt piece that showcased Joe and Gus' vocal compatibility. Finally, they ended their set with "Deadcrush" that featured the duo's incredible talents, as well as their "drummer who you cannot see." Equipped with their ambient vocals, a guitar, keyboard (and its drum machine), alt-J delivered a performance that was nothing short of spectacular.

(Photo: Joe Cingrana/WNYL)

During their interview with ALT 92.3's Christine, the band discussed everything from pre-show nerves to cheese preferences. Our listeners were able to get closer than ever before to the band and experience their fun and witty personalities first-hand. alt-J is known for artistic and historical references in their lyrics, so when asked about future ideas Gus admitted, "I think it would be cool to write a song about wrestling… maybe reference some great wrestlers from the '90s." This prompted a joke from Joe who claimed "Wrestling… most physical sports I’m inspired by."

(Photo: Joe Cingrana/WNYL)

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After discussing future album plans and the Forest Hills Stadium show in more depth, the band was faced with some quirky, unexpected fan questions. This lead to Joe opening up about his recently overcome fear of strawberries, due to their "microscopic hairiness" which Joe found "deeply disturbing."

Their final question regarding the most embarrassing moments on tour ended the interview on a perfect note.

Gus first shared that they "had to buy [Joe> new trousers once in France" due to a lunge from Joe that was deep enough to rip his pants. Joe then remembered the time "an ex-member of the band peed off of a hotel balcony and they got thrown out." To the audience’s surprise, Gus also admitted: “I was party to said peeing as well."

Alt-J's latest album Relaxer is out now! Listen to the latest single 'In Cold Blood (feat. Pusha T) (Twin Shadow version)' HERE.

Alt-J are currently heading overseas with their tour -- you can find a complete list of dates HERE