We Get Weather Reports From Mars Now!

February 20, 2019

© Satori13 | Dreamstime.com


InSight has been on Mars for almost three months, collecting data, taking pictures, generally doing the science. The lander's longterm goal is to explore the red planet from the inside, taking its internal temperature to try and figure out how it formed. And as of right now, it's doing a great job letting us know the temperature on the surface - and more. 

For the last week or so, InSight has been sending all kinds of weather-related info from Mars - where it's also winter, although JUST a bit colder than here. We're talking a low of -138 degrees Fahrenheit. Yeesh. Here's the link to bookmark for more weather updates from Mars, and here's more info about what kind of winter storms InSight has to deal with up there.

Aaaand if that's not enough, here's what wind sounds like on Mars! Not sure if this counts as ASMR but it IS oddly soothing.