The Green Knight Trailer Has Serious Game of Thrones Vibes

February 13, 2020
Dev Patel

Photo by Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images


Just yesterday, I was talking with our amazing station voice and imaging director Dan about which upcoming movies and TV shows we were super hyped about, and to be honest... I couldn't think of that many. WELL. That all changed today, when I saw this teaser trailer for The Green Knight.

As someone with a longtime love of Arthurian legend, I AM FREAKING OUT. It's creepy and sinister, impeccably cast (Dev Patel AND Alicia Vikander, COME ON), and has serious Game of Thrones vibes - it even has an actress from the series! The trailer vaguely says summer, but the internet says May 29th. As they say, shut up and take my money.