Video Games Just Had Their Biggest Sales Year Ever

January 24, 2019
Video Game Controller

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These numbers are massive. Last year, Americans spent more than $43 billion on video games, consoles and accessories: that's more than the entire WORLD spent at the movies in 2018. Red Dead Redemption 2, Marvel's Spider-Man and Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate were just some of the big sellers, and we all know how much of a phenomenon Fortnite has become. Ninja was even on the cover of a magazine. It was a big year.

If you game, you might already know one of the reasons these numbers keep growing. Video games aren't just static cartridges anymore: they're constantly evolving and incorporating new content, and that costs money, whether it's a new skin or DLC. The payoff (literally) is that our gaming experience is so much more customizable and immersive than it used to be. And if it's nostalgia you crave, the revamped versions of classic consoles are here for you... for a limited time, anyway. (I might be in the middle of a Super Mario RPG game right now.)

What will 2019 have in store for us? A whole lot. Here's a list of all the confirmed release dates for the year. And here, because it brings me joy, is the Super Mario Bros. speedrun that set a world record last year.