Tired of Pumpkin Spice? Try These New Fall Food Trends!

September 5, 2018

© Vitalii Shastun | Dreamstime.com


First things first: this is a judgment free zone. Whether you love pumpkin spice or hate it, no one here is trying to change your opinion. HOWEVER, if you'd like to try some different flavors this fall, here's a collection of food trends that people think will be just as big this year. 

Some are sweet (cinnamon rolls!), some are boozy (brandy cocktails!), and some are healthy (a mashup of the Paleo and vegan diets called "Pegan"!) - all of them are making me hungry.

And it might not be new or exciting, but for me, you can't go wrong with chili in the fall. I do sweet potato and black bean chili with a hint of cinnamon - oh hey, maybe that IS on trend. 

See the full list of potential fall food trends here!