Time to Dance Down Some Steps: Joker Sequel Allegedly Confirmed

November 20, 2019
Smiling Joaquin Phoenix

Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Film at Lincoln Center


Weeks ago, when Joker first became a smash hit, people immediately started asking: will there be a sequel? Signs pointed to yes, especially after Joaquin Phoenix did an interview where he made it clear the character had made a major impact on him: you can watch that here.

Then Joker went and literally made a billion dollars, and now it's official: we're getting a sequel. To quote the freshly Grammy-nominated Billie Eilish: duh. All the financial specifics for the follow up are being worked out, and that's not all. Director Todd Phillips allegedly wants to do a similiar gritty origin story about AT LEAST one more DC character. Guessing it won't be Batman. Feel like we may hit our lifetime quota of those with 2021's The Batman. And of course, all these developments stir up another question: are we in danger of hitting superhero fatigue?

Still, there's obviously more comic book movie money to be made, so this trend won't die out anytime soon. Read all the latest about the Joker sequel here. And let me know on Twitter which DC character you'd like to see get more love. 

UPDATE (11.20.19, 1:10p)

Welllll now it looks like Hollywood insiders are declaring the Joker sequel news to be a bit premature. It's an obvious eventuality, perhaps, but not for real yet, according to "multiple" sources. Grumble. Here's the latest.