Thom Yorke's R&R Hall of Fame Plans Revealed

January 9, 2019
Thom Yorke

© Omar Ornelas-USA TODAY Sports


When we got the news that Radiohead will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, there was one immediate question: would they actually go to the induction ceremony? The band has been publicly meh about the honor even before it became official. And now someone from Variety has come out and asked Thom Yorke directly, to which he has replied... no.

It's not exactly for the reasons we all thought, though Thom did reinforce with the interviewer that the band feels "blasé" about public recognition. He says the real reason he can't go is musical commitments he made to the Paris Philharmonic for some non-Radiohead piano pieces he wrote. (Would love to hear those tbh.)

BUT. The other members of Radiohead have not weighed in on whether they'll attend the induction ceremony, so there's that. The interview is a solid read and has a lot of "[Laughs]" in it, so you know Thom was in a good mood. He also shared his thoughts on attending the Oscars, should he be nominated. Here's the link.