Think You're an Adult? Not So Fast, Says Science

March 19, 2019
Young Adults

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When do we officially become adults? Is it when we turn 18 or 21? When we move out of the house or get that first full time job? Turns out it might be much later. Scientists say our brains are still developing throughout our 20s, and may not complete mature behavioral patterns until 30 - or beyond!

This makes sense: there's no magic "grown-up" switch that turns on when someone throws a graduation cap in the air or first punches a timecard. It's more realistic to think of adulthood as something we ease into over time - which means being patient with yourself if you're in your 20s and feel like you "should" have it figured out. It's ok not to! BUT. I would like to suggest that at this point, it's time to retire the word "adulting", no matter how old you are, please and thank you.