Get Prepared to Dive Into The Witcher

December 12, 2019
Henry Cavill

Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Netflix


Lots of shows have had the "next Game of Thrones" title thrust upon them. One of the most promising, The Witcher, hits Netflix on 12/20. I've played the games and read a bunch of the short stories: it's the latter that this series is based on. And since The Witcher was already renewed for a second season a month ago, it's safe to say it's primed for success. 

In the world of The Witcher, Henry Cavill plays a monster hunter named Geralt, who's been augmented with special powers to help him defeat all kinds of horrifying beasts. As it turns out, the humans he encounters on his travels can be just as nasty. There's lot of magic and combat and badass female characters, and people who've seen it already seem pretty pumped about the quality of the action sequences. Need to feel more prepared before you dive in? We got some character introduction videos last week - watch those here - and here's the final trailer.