Sweet News: NYC Is 2019's Best City for Halloween

October 23, 2019
Halloween in NYC

Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images


After careful analysis of 21 different metrics and 100 different locations, WalletHub has come to the scientific conclusion that New York City is the best city in the country for Halloween. We did it! NYC placed #1 in the Halloween Fun (obviously), Most Costume AND Most Candy Stores Per Capita categories, and near the top for Trick-or-Treater Friendliness: that includes factors like walkability and potential for maximum candy stops. Not sure if the majesty of the annual Halloween parade in Greenwich Village factored into the Fun, but it is glorious

New Jersey, don't feel too left out: Jersey City cracked the top 20, scoring well in Trick-or-Treater Friendliness and Halloween Weather. As for Connecticut... look, these lists are just meant to cause debate and controversy. I'm sure your Halloween celebrations are killer. Here's the full list anyway. And check out our Do Stuff calendar for TONS of Tri-State Halloween ideas.