A Sweet New LEGO Batmobile Is on Its Way

November 7, 2019
Giant LEGO Batmobile

Photo by Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images


Full disclosure: your LEGO Batmobile won't look like that one. It was made by artist Nathan Sawaya and is part of The Art of the Brick, the world's largest display of LEGO art, on display at the New York Hall of Science until January 26th of next year

BUT. Later this month, you can get your hands on a sweet new LEGO Batmobile, modeled after the one from the Tim Burton film, to assemble in the comfort of your own home! It's almost two feet long, with 3,306 pieces to create all kinds of amazing details. There are also three minifigures: Batman, of course, plus Vicki Vale and a Jack Nicholson-style Joker. This io9 writer says it might be the best LEGO kit EVER, if you want to find out a little more. So if you or someone you love enjoys both LEGO and the 1989 Batman, this is a must have. It's out on Black Friday!