Supermarket Sweep Is Coming Back, With Leslie Jones As Host!

August 28, 2019
Leslie Jones

Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images


Yesterday the news broke that Leslie Jones is leaving SNL. After five years, countless Weekend Update highlights, and one very memorable conversation about Weezer, Leslie chose to leave to focus on other projects, including Coming 2 America with Eddie Murphy. He'll make his own return to SNL just a few weeks after her departure. D'oh. 

THEN came the story that Leslie's going to be hosting - and executive producing - a remake of Supermarket Sweep! I'm SO EXCITED for the return of the game show that taught us the most valuable grocery store items are giant hams, enormous packages of diapers, and coffee you grind yourself. Also giant inflatable things, if you can find them. Oh the memories.

No word yet on when the remake will be ready - a bunch of networks want in - but with Leslie around, the energy level is sure to be EXTREMELY high. Can't wait.