This Super Bowl Ad Made Game of Thrones Fans Scream

February 4, 2019
Jousting Knight

© Patrick Bronson |


It looked like so many other commercials that aired during Sunday night's Big Game - at least at first. The familiar medieval-style characters from Bud Light's "Dilly Dilly" campaign gathered to watch a joust, accompanied by icy beverages. I zoned out a little bit (which lots of people were doing during the game anyway, according to the ratings), so I almost missed it. The cold, dead eyes... of The Mountain.

At that point I whipped my head towards my husband who was whipping his head towards me and we whipped our heads towards the TV in time to see the scene turn into a parody of HONESTLY, one of the most traumatic things I've seen on a show full of traumatic things. Prince Oberyn, gone too soon - and too violently. Shudder.

Then a dragon showed up and I started screaming with delight, because what looked like a Bud Light commercial was actually promoting the return of Game of Thrones on 4/14! And, it apparently doubled as the end of the Bud Knight. Valar morghulis. All men and ad campaigns must die. LET'S WATCH IT AGAIN.