Shipping Deadlines for Your Last Minute Holiday Shopping

December 16, 2019
Last Minute Christmas Shopping

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Since Thanksgiving was literally as late as it could be this year, the holiday shopping season has been a bit... hectic, let's say. And while it doesn't feel like "last minute" shopping when Christmas is still more than a week away, shipping deadlines can definitely sneak up on you. Some already have.

So here's a collection of shipping deadlines for major retailers, as well as UPS. USPS, and FedEx if you're sending gifts on your own. It includes when you'll start having to pay extra for your gifts to arrive on time: we've already passed that point for UPS and USPS, but today's the deadline for FedEx. 

In short: if you can make all your holiday shopping decisions by this Wednesday, that's best case scenario. Otherwise, here's a collection of DIY gifts you can try your hand at. Good luck!