Say Goodbye To Instagram's Following Tab

October 8, 2019
Shocked Instagram Scrolling

Photo via iStock / Getty Images Plus


Maybe you checked it every day. Maybe you never even knew it was there. Regardless: after an eight year run of allowing users to easily judge each other by the photos they liked and comments they left, Instagram is getting rid of its Following tab this week. Their head of product said the decision was made because most people didn't actually use it - or know their activity was being documented. Gulp.

Coincidentally, I still had the Following tab when I started writing this blog entry, but as I opened up Instagram to check it one last time... it's now gone, no app update required. MAYBE INSTAGRAM KNOWS I'M WRITING ABOUT THEM OMG. Anyway. It might be for the best, especially for people who enjoy the app but value their privacy. Less so for people who have a hunch their crush or significant other is constantly leaving their messages on read while liking other people's posts for hours on end. Sorry about that. Hey go follow us on Instagram at alt923radio!