Wanna Rule Instagram? Here's Some Expert Advice

August 30, 2018

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Wanna be Instagram famous? Or at least get some more likes and comments? Here's a list of ways to improve your IG feed from a professional photographer. A lot of it's technical advice that's helpful for someone who doesn't take pictures for a living. She also recommends choosing a theme for your photos to stay consistent for followers - if it's out of your theme, might be good for your story.

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But really, like with all things, I think Instagram is best if it's an honest reflection of the things and people you love. That joy comes through no matter which filter you use. (I'm a Valencia at 33 kind of person.) And social media is usually a collection of highlights, not the whole story of a person's life - something to remember if you're envious of someone who's all perfect selfies and amazing vacations. 

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