Plan Your Binge Watching Accordingly: The Office Leaves Netflix in 2021

June 26, 2019
The Office

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/ Getty Images


Before too long, we'll look back fondly on the days when we could launch Netflix and find dozens of options we liked, before ultimately settling on watching the same show over and over again. (Some of us even remember the days of getting a red envelope in the mail with a DVD in it. Single tear.) Those days are rapidly coming to an end, as more and more media companies want their own streaming service. Exhibit A: NBCUniversal just paid a ton of money to take The Office back from Netflix. Cue the memes:

And so on. Obviously this isn't just about the loss of The Office, but also about the end of the golden age of nostalgic streaming. Even if we often find ourselves paralyzed by the amount of Netflix choices we have, it's been so convenient (and cost-effective) to have our old favorites all in one place. Lots of us simply won't pay for 10 different streaming services to watch shows we've already seen. We have bills and student loans, and we need to prioritize. So plan your binge watching time accordingly, and prepare to awkwardly explain to someone what "Netflix and chill" meant back in YOUR day.