Would You Eat Watermelon Smoked Like Ham?

August 9, 2018
Slices of Watermelon

© Pathompong Nathomtong | Dreamstime.com


Less than a week after National Watermelon Day, summer's favorite fruit is still all over the internet. Ducks Eatery in the East Village has gone viral worldwide for smoked watermelon ham. It's not ham that tastes of watermelon: it's watermelon cooked like a smoked ham. 

Let the melon madness continue!!! -- . (...and a happy #briskettuesday to the rest of you!)

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Kinda weird right? I think the issue for me is texture. They cook the watermelon so the outside is "skin-like", and I can't reconcile that concept in my brain. I COULD totally go for a piece of melon wrapped in prosciutto right now though. Mmm. 

BONUS: did you know you can make a keg out of a watermelon?