Nirvana's In Utero Turns 25

September 21, 2018

Frank Forcino/Sipa USA via USA TODAY NETWORK


It happened again just the other day. My husband and I found ourselves talking about Kurt Cobain, how little time the world got to spend with him, and what a profound impact the limited Nirvana catalog had on alternative music.

Today (9/21/18) the third and final studio album from Nirvana turns 25. In Utero was actually the album we'd been talking about: how the massive success of Nevermind heavily impacted the writing and recording of the band's follow up, down to last minute production changes that divided both fans and the personnel involved. 

To honor 25 years of In Utero, Rolling Stone put together 20 stories about its creation. (Why not 25? Ask Rolling Stone.) You can read about which other grunge singer got prank called during the recording, the original title of "Heart-Shaped Box", and how Kurt hoped In Utero would impact female artists. 

And as long as we're mentioning "Heart-Shaped Box"...