Nintendo Revived the Original Game Boy for A 95-Year-Old Tetris Fan

February 25, 2020
Tetris blocks

Photo via iStock / Getty Images Plus


Love this. Gizmodo shared a story that just surfaced about Nintendo going way above and beyond the usual customer service. A 95-year-old Japanese woman played so much Tetris on her old school Game Boy that she went through THREE of them. But when the third one broke a few years ago, she and her family couldn't find a replacement for sale anywhere: not surprising, since the original was discontinued - and the woman got sick around the same time. 

Enter Nintendo. Taking advice from her son, the woman wrote a letter - on paper - to the company asking for help. Within a WEEK, Nintendo responded with a letter of their own...and a new (old) Game Boy! Nintendo said that the Game Boy was in their "warehouse" - can you imagine the kind of magical warehouse where every old console EVER is just sitting around waiting for a worthy home? The woman and her Game Boy spent 4 years together before she passed away at the age of 99. Single tear. Here's the whole story, and here, if you have the time, is video of a gamer getting the max possible score (999,999!) on the handheld version of Tetris.